Defining moment.

Did you have a moment – a defining moment in which someone external to you made it their business to advise you that you are now (from this point going forward) perceived as an older person????

Let me tell you – its a jaw dropping moment – you will never be quite the same again.  How you respond is the key….accept the sterotype or challange the limiting belief.  Here goes!!!!

For me, it happened in Boise Idaho….checking into the last available motel room…..ahead of an impending blizzard which had closed all the mountain passes across to the west coast.  Everyone was scurrying to find rooms….no-one was going anywhere. The sky was green/grey/pink pregnant with impending snow dumps.  A room…any room…at any price….just to get off the roads and be safe.

She had straw hair, a missing tooth and several tatoos (any room in a storm) and she took my reservation and announced with undue glee, given the gravity of the situation, that I would be entitled to a seniors discount!!  There…..the words had been spoken.  I felt like some deep secret had been revealed and I was exposed at the reception desk of a sleezy hotel in Boise Idaho! The first time those words had been applied to me.  She thought she was doing me a service offering me a lower rate…..when, in fact she had taken me across a line from which there would be no going back.

I resisted the urge to reject the deal (deny the label) and retreated to the room to hunker down and ride out the immediate storm and come to terms with my new label (a senior – officially eligible for seniors discount).

a not so convenient loo

How did it happen for you?

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An opening post on what I hope will be a fun blog.

Just recently it really struck me how quickly the (life) time has gone by.  The idea of collecting stories from all us baby boomers and sharing our collective wisdoms (?) seemed like a fun thing to do.  This assumes we have accumulated some wisdoms of course … if not…just contribute experiences and observations.

On the theme of “it ain’t over yet”  I am on a quest to search out and challenge every limiting belief as applied to over 60s!!!  Post your limiting belief here and we will debunk it together!!!!!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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